Three Things To Keep In Mind When Running An IVF Program

reporter, Aisyah Nursyamsi

, JAKARTA – There are a few things to consider when running an IVF program.

This is Morula Indonesia’s CEO Dr. Conveyed by Ivan Rizal Sini, MD FRANZCOG GDRM SpOG.

The first thing to note is the issue of time.

According to Dr. Ivan, couples often change doctors.

Also, couples often change places to get medical care, which takes time.

The second thing to look at outside of time is the woman’s age.

This is because a woman’s age plays an important role in determining the success rate of IVF.

The third is standardization, which is performed both in operations and in the laboratory.

Of the two, your success rate is also determined by the skills you own.

When he met on Friday (15/7/2022) in South Jakarta, he said, “Especially at the Morula Group, we don’t just provide standard services like certification, innovation and technology.

Morula Indonesia’s technology also has the ability to select normal embryos.

They may look physically good, but the chromosomes can also be abnormal.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that the success of uterine wall attachment is not due to embryonic factors.

But once again it must be synchronized due to the age of the mother and the age of the endometrium to which it is attached.

“It also has a function to determine when an embryo is implanted,” he said. “All innovations and technologies are aimed at giving birth to babies.”